KatSplatter : GTK+ splatting program

	KatSplatter est un outil qui permet de:

	Il est écrit en GTK+ sur son interface C.
	Certains de ses modules sont écrits en C++ et sont la propriété de leurs auteurs.
A tool written on linux to generate blended textures for all kind of effects.

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Basically you load a heightmap (grayscale image) and four images that will be blended together using the mask from the heightmap.

In Open-Source Goodness I included a heightmap generator using Perlin noise, code by HillTerrain.org unfortunately not up anymore...

Additionnally, a lightmap generator can create a lightmap and blend it together with others.

Download source

KatSplatter Tutorial

  1. Base textures

    Get your base textures.
  2. Load your base textures

    Load your four textures by clicking on the "Add Texture" button in the left panel.
  3. Create terrain

    Generate a heightmap by adjusting variables, and clicking on the "Gen HillTerrain Heightmap" button on the right panel.
    You can also load one of your heightmaps if you don't want to generate one.
    The generated heightmap will have the same size as your textures (512x512).
    Change some parameters on the right panel and generate it again. The seed value allows to generate the exact same heightmap between sessions.
    See details about Hillterrain algorithm here, or check the file "Config.txt" as it contains infos about these values.
  4. Blending textures

    Click on the "Splat Textures" button on the upper part of the window.
    That's all!
    Adjust the "Altitude" value of each texture, and check the result by pressing the "Splat Textures" button again.
  5. Export files

    Files are already on disk: the heightmap is called "Hillterrain.bmp" and the final texture is called "final.bmp".
    However, you might want to click on the "Export" button to save your files in png format, and test them in your 3D engine.